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My political philosophy is shaped by a strong belief that elected officials are public servants who are obligated to serve with integrity. As public servants, they should have clear knowledge and understanding of all matters subject to their jurisdiction. Effective public servants are team players—open to the ideas and opinions of others, and encourage active participation of their personnel and constituents in the different phases of decision-making processes.

Public servants should be honest and transparent in executing their duties and responsibilities; and remain ever cognizant of the fact that the ultimate aim of politics shall be no more than common good of the society. Elected officials must remain committed to the major ends they seek, such as effective and efficient delivery of the services to their constituents and mankind. The means chosen to reach those ends may be at times flexible based on contingencies but must always be morally appropriate. The elected official must be guarded by the sanctity of the relative laws and prepared to apply such laws justly and fairly.

Finally, I strongly share the unique sense of humility that comes with the woman as mother-hen: natural maternal instinct, passion for unity and peace, overflowing love, care and nurturing capability. These attributes drive my vision of ‘Prosperity for All through Service’, starting with my current mission , which is to serve my people with fear of God, by providing essential amenities, including but not limited to: efficient rural healthcare delivery, quality education, functional infrastructure, modernized agriculture, and gainful employment for the teaming Igbo-Eze South people.


Constituency Address: No 1Ugwuanyi Close, Ibeku, Ovoko, Igbo Eze South, Enugu State, Nigeria
Phones                       : Home: 0816-583-0129
Birth-date                   : Born November 16th, 1962
Birth Place                  : Ibagwa- Aka, Igbo Eze South, Enugu State, Nigeria
Immediate Family     : Husband: Mr. Godwin Ugwuanyi of Amachara, Ovoko, Igbo Eze South, Enugu State
Children: Oguguam, Nwakaego, and Chukadibia
Parents : His royal Highness: Igwe J A C Ugwu (Late) and Queen B’eze, Mrs. Felicia Ugwu of Ibagwa –Aka   (Nee-Oloto-Ibagwa-ani)
Political Party:    Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria


Committed to utilize my varied education and both local and international experiences to provide effective and prudent leadership to the people.


First School Leaving Certificate: Ibagwa- Aka Township School
West African Examination Certificate:  Igbo-Eze Secondary School, Enugu-Ezike                                                         
BSN (1990) Nursing: Texas Woman’s University in Houston Texas Medical Branch, USA 1990,
M.B.A. (2007) Masters of Business Administration: University of Phoenix, Arizona 2007,     
Doctoral (Student): University of Phoenix.


CN Healthcare Group (1996-Date): President: CN Healthcare Group is a full-scale healthcare delivery company registered in State of Texas. My responsibilities include charting organizational vision, creating short and long term goals and objectives, project economics and venture analysis, product and process evaluation, contracts, and optimization mechanisms for company as well as clients—from conceptualization to implementation. This organization has seen tremendous growth under my leadership—marveling from its headcount of three persons in 1996 to its current base of 517 employees as at July 2011. Distinct business units include:

  • CN Healthcare, Inc: Provides healthcare services to children and adult
  • CN Medical Equipment: Provides medical equipment and support systems to home patients and hospitals as well s international hospitals and clinics.
  • Pharmacare Texas: Full Pharmacy services to home-based patients and other communities.

UNECCO Energy Corp, Houston, Texas: Chairman (2008-Date): As chairman, I organize, coordinate, and preside over the board’s activities. We have refinery affiliations for crude and AGO trading.
Hench Hench Corporation: Partner:  An energy drink Business based in WA with locations and offices in Nigeria
Ibagwa-Aka Secondary School Teacher (1981-84): Taught English literature and English for Junior and Senior High School students


  • -Nigerian Union, USA: Commissioner for Homeland and Community Political Affair (2005-Date)
  • -Igbo Peoples Congress Houston, Texas: Chair woman and cultural group leader (2002-2004)
  • -Umuada Wawa, Houston, TX. Two-term President (2003-2007).
  • -World Igbo Congress: Enugu State Designated Leader—WIC Convention, Houston, TX (2002)
  • -Enugu Provincial Union (Enugu & Ebonyi States), Houston, TX: Assistant Secretary (1990-1992)
  • -Enugu Provincial Union (Enugu & Ebonyi States), Houston, TX: Vice-President (1992-1994)


A member of Christ the King Episcopal (Anglican) Church from 2000 to present.
LECTOR, Lay-Reader (LEM), Responsibilities Include:

  • Hospitality committee member, Bishop Committee
  • Chair-person for fundraising /Thanksgiving Committee since 2008.
  • ECW Convocation Coordinator from 2007 to 2010 by Episcopal

Diocese of Texas where I was in charge of 18 churches coordinating women events/issues.


Founder and CEO of Africa Hope foundation Inc: (www.africahopefoundation.org) is a non-profit organization with headquarter in Houston Texas USA and a branch office about to open in Enugu, Nigeria. Africa Hope Foundation provides quality medical care, supplies and medical equipment and seminars to African doctors, nurses and therapists services by board certified doctors, nurses, and therapists to serve all those African women and children of low economic status. Current territory of focus includes Enugu State environs, starting from Igbo-Eze South communities and neighboring Local Government Areas.

*Scholarship Awards to many needy students
*Assisted in rural electrification projects for the needy
*Numerous donations to organizations, including the following, to name a few:

The Nigeria Cup for Nigerian Union USA for soccer competition among Nigeria American Community Churches in Houston Texas for  the Annual Nigeria Independence Celebration

  • Igbo People’s Congress –Community Centre Project
  • Umuada Wawa community outreach and project in USA and Nigeria
  • Enugu USA Medical Missions to Nigeria
  • Awgu County USA Rural Health Project
  • Enugu Provincial Union-IMT/ESUT Computer Project
  • World Igbo Congress


  • Enugu Provincial Union--award of appreciation and dedication as a vice president of Enugu Provincial Union from 1992- 1994
  • Elegant mother of the year by FUGORAK  (2004)
  • Outstanding Fund Raising Award from Christ the King Episcopal Church (2009& 2011)
  • Nigerian American business Woman of the Year Award from the African popular publication US/Africa
  • Community Leader of the Year Award from The Nigerian Union- USA