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Qualify Healthcare




My mission is to transform igbo-eze south and its inhabitants and be able to compete in the present modern world. To uplift the lives of the people especially in the areas as identified for each community per MDG goals in the following areas:

1. Social infrastructures:

• More bore holes.
• Building a mid-sized/modernized health clinic/well equipped in those communities as identified.
• Enhance the existing power supply and create more
• Build a recreational parks in strategic places in the communities
• Build a mid –size stadium that will be centrally located
• Modernize all the major markets
• Grade and connect all major and minor roads throughout Igbo Eze to enhance commerce

2. Create jobs for the constituents :

• Through mechanized agriculture
• Acquisition of factory that would employ at least 500 - 1000 indigenes
• Building a mid-size movie theatre, increase revenue and restore active community life that will enhance unity and peace among the people.
• Establishing waste management jobs through instituting a waste mgmt program

3. Re-establish/strengthen education in both primary/secondary schools:

• Rebuild all the primary schools/secondary schools in igbo eze south
• Sourcing other educational equipments and tools that would enhance position learning from united States.
• Furnish all schools with needed infrastructure/equipment
• Build an ultra- modern and state of the art regional library and laboratory to enhance research
• Build a centralized mid size computer lab to enhance students’ technological ability

4. Establish strong sports entertainment culture through:

• Sports competition among schools
• Debating/Drama competition
• Different sports activities training to enhance skills
• Establish an annual “Governor’s Cup” soccer competition
• Create a scholarship foundation to serve the under privileged student`
• Seeking talents in all entertainment arenas and showcasing them to “the world”.

5. Generating revenue for the local government through :

• Selling sports tickets
• Movie tickets
• Job creation/market development.
• Revitalizing the tax system to help increase revenue to the local government.
• Realizing monies from selling poultry/factory products

6. Strengthening all the local government departments including but not limited to:

• Public works department
• Power department
• Waste management department
• Education Board/department
• Sport /Entertainment department.

7. Re-establishing Igbo –Eze South (IGS ) Youth forum /development center:

  • Create a cohesive forum to help with youth development and enhancement through projects initiatives
  • Establish an open-door policy to encourage different ideas that would forge the community ahead
  • Encourage a “ GIN” ( Get Involved Now “attitude in the youth/community
  • Build the peace/love movement in the communities through the yout

8. Safety program enhancement through:

• Reinforcing the police force through proper mobilization
• Creating a “be my neighbor’s keeper” local security programs
• Utilizing our youth to enhance the safety of our constituents

9. Creating a strong health care program in the community through:

• Creating awareness through health education including but not limited to:
• Women cancer, HIV/Aids, and early childhood intervention program
• Furnishing the local clinics with modern equipment
• Providing free annual wellness check-up program for all.
• Creating a “ health information team” and monthly health education seminars in all the local clinics

10. Foreign Alignment:

• Aligning Igbo Eze South local government with a sister county in USA to assist in acquiring free infrastructures for our schools and clinics. This will definitely showcase our community in the world radar.